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In the Shadow of the Sun


Support Albino people in Africa:

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Thousands of africans suffer from albinism and, in the hot African sun, this lack of melanin can damage their skin and the risk of cancer is really high. In their communities, albino people suffer from prejudice, isolation and exclusion: they are called “White shadow” or “Devil”.

And as if this were not enough, they are in constant fear for their life because of the belief that the body parts of albino people will bring wealth and good fortune. In Tanzania, in the past five years, 72 albino people were murdered and many others were brutally mutilated; only five person have been convicted for these crimes.

Filmed over six years, In the Shadow of the Sun tell about albino men in Tanzania, through the lives of Josephat Torner and Vedastus Zanguleis, but it is not a “documentary” only. At first, you will be shocked and tempted to bury your head in the sand, then you will get emotionally attached with Josephat, Vedastus and every albino people.

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Flower. Its life, death and miracles.

A special thank goes to Laura Fraschetti who not only translated, but also interpreted this little story for you to enjoy.


Flower © 2009 thatgamecompany

Story of a young and reckless flower, that one day decided to leave, deserting the meadow where it was born in and to see the rest of the world.

Once upon a time there was a flower whose name was… Forget the name, flowers have loads of names and this story can fit any flower. This flower’s job was…being a flower.

Everybody knows how to do it: you stick there, right in the middle of a clod – preferably soft, warm and moist – stand still all day looking around and, when the sun sets, go to sleep. Actually, this looks like the life, but like everything on earth, it has its pros and cons.

It is such a bliss basking all day in the sun, feeling its warmth on your petals, stretching your stem towards those beams, letting the gentle caress of the breeze softly touch your leaves, sinking your roots in the warm soil. There is nothing better than ‘folding’ your leaves and direct your corolla to the sun!

On the other hand, it is less relaxing being scrambled by the wind and slapped by the stormy rain – lightening, thunder, heavy rain falling down cats-and-dogs. You need to have strong roots and hold tight to the cold and muddy ground, if you don’t want to be swallowed up by the wind, which rattles you to and fro.

As a matter of fact, a flower’s life is like anybody else’s – it has its ups and downs. Everyone has its ‘job’ to do. The flower in this story carried out its own with some success and dignity, despite not being firmly convinced. If one wanted to make a comparison to a fellow man in its same condition, we would say that ‘he had strange ideas in his head’. But during the day in this flower’s head you can usually find bees, bumble-bees, lots of other insects and a hummingbird. So, if for a flower it may be ordinary to have strange things in its head, this flower of ours was no ordinary flower. It reckoned that being a flower was mainly an…..arid exercise. Yes, this was the exact expression he used – and for a flower ‘arid’ does not denote a temporary state of ‘boredom’, but something much more negative and final. No, it was no ordinary flower: it had an irrepressible desire to….leave! Let everything go and leave.

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Burnout Revenge, let’s bump ‘n’ jump (*)

Everyone knows Burnout franchise…I mean, everyone interested in racing games, arcade racing games with a marked inclination for destruction and spectacular crashes. Burnout Revenge is the fourth game in the series…and this is won’t be the last one, considering the great success of the franchise.
The reason of this success is a really simple and straight approach to racing gameplay: enter your car, hit badly the accelerator and don’t mind about what happens outside. Actually, it’s encouraged to bump into the traffic, more the damaged, more points scored.
A strange hysteria grabs drivers in the congested traffic of modern metropolis, sort of killing hysteria. Stressed drivers, now your dreams come true! You can finally express yourself without any inhibitory brakes: accelerate, bump into the nearby cars, insert the turbo, make everyone bite the dust, shot into the tunnel at top speed and on the wrong side of the road, just one rule: never brake!

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Falcon 4.0 Allied Forces. Falcon strikes back!

Falcon strikes back!

It was the Microprose Era.

For an old gamer like me, Microprose was synonymous of top-notch simulation, huge manuals, big and beautiful box (carton box, not that plastic Dvd box): the final result was sensation to-be-there, in the cockpit. It creates a world worth to live, a world worth… flying even if it was all between your mind, eyes and screen.

In 1998, when Microprose released Falcon 4.0, it was the definitive F-16 simulation. I think, THE simulation. Even if it was very bugged, I never regret any minute spent playing…er…flying.

Then simulation niche market collapsed. Microprose closed. Falcon’s franchise, too.

Falcon’s web community became the reference for every Falcon orphaned pilot and released a lot of mods. I say “pilot” because to master that simulation, you have to have to study manuals, procedures, maps. Maybe someone think this is a game and I don’t want to study anything, but – let me assume the odd teacher’s role – studying the manual (huge one) adds deep in gameplay and gives real satisfaction.

In 2005, Graphism Entertainment released Falcon 4.0 Allied Force, developed by Lead Pursuit. Falcon strikes back! Falcon 4.0 Allied Force has its roots in the original Falcon 4.0, but it adds improvements to a lot of simulation’s main aspects: stability (the first real problem in the original version), artificial intelligence, dynamic campaign , multiplayer. It also improved some other aspects as the user interface, graphics, campaign theatre (It adds the Balkan Campaign).

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Heatseeker. The Unbearable Lightness of flying.

versione in italiano

Do you ever wanted to join Airforce? Do you ever had a dream to be a jet fighter pilot? Now, Wii…can!

 HeatseekerI must confess, I am an enthusiast flight-sim pilot. I am an old gamer, too. I say it not to be a snob (retro)gamer but I want to tell you that I am that kind of gamer who loves top-notch simulations, huge manuals, a lot of hours spent in learning how to fly. But flying without firing is not so exciting. Falcon 4.0 and IL-2 Sturmovik are my favourite flight simulations. Heatseeker is the exact opposite.

That’s why I was really skeptic about this game. The developer, IRGurus (now Transmission Games), is not new to this kind of game: Heroes of the Pacific, released in 2003, was a good arcade combat flight game (not a simulation). Heatseeker is similar but Nintendo Wii makes it unique.

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