Flower. Its life, death and miracles

Story of a young and reckless flower, that one day decided to leave, deserting the meadow where it was born in and to see the rest of the world. This story is inspired by Flower, a videogame published by SCEA and developed by thatgamecompany: it makes imagination fly beyond the screen, it makes you glimpse of an exciting and fanciful journey. Since 2013 it has been part of the permanent Collection “Films and Media Arts” at o The Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington D.C.), with full credit.

Burnout Revenge, let’s bump ‘n’ jump (*)

Everyone knows Burnout franchise…I mean, everyone interested in racing games, arcade racing games with a marked inclination for destruction and spectacular crashes. Burnout Revenge is the fourth game in the series…and this is won’t be the last one, considering the great success of the franchise. The reason of this success is a really simple and …

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Falcon 4.0 Allied Forces. Falcon strikes back!

Falcon 4.0 Allied Force has its roots in the original Falcon 4.0, but it adds improvements to a lot of simulation’s main aspects: stability (the first real problem in the original version), artificial intelligence, dynamic campaign , multiplayer. It also improved some other aspects as the user interface, graphics, campaign theatre (It adds the Balkan Campaign). This new release by Graphism Entertainment is a good enhancement and a solid product on its own. If you have only a little interest in jetfighter simulation and modern air warfare, there’s really no choice: buy it and…watch your six, ALWAYS!

Heatseeker. The Unbearable Lightness of flying.

Do you want to join Airforce? Do you want to be a jet fighter pilot? Now, Wii...can!
Heatseeker for Nintendo Wii is a combat flight game (not a simulation), has a predictable gameplay, no dynamic war theatre, no complex commands. You can control aircraft by the Wii remote and this makes it unique on Wii. Despite predictable gameplay and old-gen audio-visual effects, Heatseeker is simply fun because controls make for an immersive experience.